Football is back post COVID


The Government has said grassroots football can be resumed and the FA has issued guidance on how this can be achieved while safeguarding players and coaches from the risk of Covid. So…..MGL football is returning! We are starting our regular Saturday training sessions at the Field (10.30am – 12) from 1 August, and we are planning to start the autumn season on Saturday, 26 September. All this of course will be subject to there being no national or local lockdowns.

Our training sessions are open to all existing players and to new recruits. Any girl within our age range who has not already signed up can do so at a training session or on the Recruitment page of this website. Any of our players who will be too old to play next season can still come along and train with us if they want to. As ever, it is all free.

All our activities will be conducted within the FA guidelines.  We ask all players not to attend if they gave any Covid-like symptoms or if they are shieldingor are in quarantine. We will ask you to maintain social distancing when not training and so far as possible during the exercises and during the mini-matches. All players are asked to bring along their own hand sanitiser and drinks, but we will have our own stock of sanitiser and antiseptic wipes for you to use if necessary. We will be disinfecting balls and training equipment in the course of the training and doing the same to goalkeepers’ gloves during breaks in play. We will also be keeping a register of all those attending to help if necessary with NHS track and trace.

As part of its obesity strategy, the Government is emphasising the importance of exercise. That is what we will provide, but it will also be a chance to acquire and practise your football skills and – whisper it softlyto have some fun! We will run the training throughout the summer so long as we have enough players and coaches available. Oh, and somewhere down the line we have last season’s Cup Final to be held and maybe even a tournament or two. Join us for the ride!

If you have any questions, please ask your manager or email us